Enjoy the Real Authentic Charm of Chitkul

February 03,2020

A terminating point of the India beautifully nestled over the kinnaur sharing its border with the Tibetan road. A perfect destination for enjoying the tranquility of this real paradise, however the extreme climatic conditions of the region make the life difficult and full of challenges. For the most part of the year the complete village remains covered with the white snow and scatters its charm in its every corner.This thrilling ambience attracts the visitors most and those who want to explore the utmost beauty of the Mother Nature; this place is the best destination for them and Himachal holiday offers amazing Chitkul tour package to the customers.

Amazing Place for the Extreme Sports:

Chitkul is not only remembered for its ambience but also for its thrilling activities which can be done over here. Adventure lovers can enjoy camping, trekking and can enjoy the flora and fauna diversity of the place. Hanging around Baspa river which is really a great thing to explore and breathtaking views of the river are the best moments one can capture in his camera.

Motor bike racing and sky diving can also be done according to the weather conditions. Moreover, overnight camping is another amazing activity for those who want to enjoy this auspicious beauty of this village.

Dwelling And People Of Chitkul:

The breathtaking serenity of the Chitkul glorifies the spark of the place and makes it a real gem on the earth. This inhabited place has small dwellings with less population and pure air to breath. The people of this village are very hospitable and amicable, their dedication towards the work is amazing and the optimistic strength which they have to spend their life with such extreme climatic conditions is really matter of proud and also gives a lesson not to give up strive hard to achieve the goal. Sangla Chitkul tour package is the best option for those who want to explore this adorable village of the India.

Divine Temples of the Region:

Chitkul is also profound for its divine power which is present in this village. Locals believe that goddess Mathi Devi made this place as her after its visit to vrindavan. They believe that after the blessing and presence of this goddess the village started flourishing. This is the reason devotees from the nearest village visit there to pay their obeisance. Chitkul tour package provides an amazing chance to visit this hidden paradise with affordable price.

Chitkul remains untouched from the rest of the world during the winters when the heavy snowfall occurs. Chitkul village lags from the modern lifestyle but its nature and beauty makes a person speechless and one feel relaxed after leaving the hustle bustle of the city life. When I visited this place it was really a memorable moment for me because I really enjoyed the serenity and calmness of the place which completely cherished me filled with a gigantic energy. Himachal Holiday Booking offers an exciting offer of Sangla Chitkul tour package from Shimla-Chandigarh-Delhi with an affordable range. I still remember when I visited this charming place, I made a promise to visit again and to enjoy the scenic beauty and this tour package really overcome my all worries and I visited again to this place taking off from my busy schedule of life.