Toy Train To Shimla- A Fun Journey !!!

February 11,2020

The little wonders of life, giving you the best of memories. Here is this fantastic bundle of joy this little toy train to Shimla. This magical rides slowly ascends through the mountains and reaches the queen of hill Shimla. Each phase of the journey is mesmerizing, starting from the panoramic views of the valley to the slow moment of this toy train. The aura of the place rocking gently through your eyes and ears is indeed a bliss.

Going to Shimla on a car is too mainstream, go out of your normal zone, and step into this adventure ride to Shimla in this glorifying toy train. Feel the cold breeze surpassing your face by setting outside the window. And then don't forget to click a picture-perfect short there. All through the way, you will observe the mesmerizing villages and pine-covered mountaintops. This old charming toy train has a lot to offer throughout the road from Kalka to Shimla. This toy train is run by Himachal Pradesh tourism.

Commencement Of This Train:

The train got commenced in the year 1903, in the month of November. The first Kalka Shimla Toy Train initiated under the leadership of viceroy, Lord Curzon. This is one of the curviest single track that leads its way to the magnificent summer capital of the British Raj described as Shimla. These little toy trains have a wood-burner steam engine called the 'Hill Puffer'. These very famous rail routes were devised to reach the plains to the high ridge destinations during the British rule. This very renowned Kalka Shimla Toy Train will make you reach Shimla Station after seven hours. covering approximately 96 kilometers. Dharampur is the initial station that this little toy train to Shimla passes through.

The Beautifull Route Of The Toy Train To Shimla:

The mesmerizing route initiates from Kalka and reaches Shimla. You can have a to and fro ride on this train. Shimla, the summer capital of Himachal, prevails in the north of Chandigarh. It is India's northern state of Himachal Pradesh. The route connects two places and runs for approximately 96 kilometers that are about 60 miles with many incredible curves.

The train goes through the longest tunnel of Kalka. It stretches for more than a kilometer and is placed near the central railway station at Barog. It has one of the most panoramic scenic views throughout the way from Barog to Shimla. Also, if we talk about the train's momentum, it depends upon the steep inclination of the routes. But don't worry, these slow routes lead you to some really enthralling sightseeing experiences which are worth to watch. Enjoy the heavenly beauty of nature in this fantastic train to Shimla.

Route Map Of the Toy Train:

So the very first station this beautiful and mesmerizing historic toy train initiates its journey is from the Dharmpur, which is 4900 in height and is situated at a distance of about 20 miles from the central Kalka station. Crossing the steep routes, the trail diverges into three loops Taksal, Dharmpur, and Grumman. Next up after Dhatrmpur is the tunnel of Tara Devi. Now the toy train reaches about 5200 feet above the sea, isn't it amazing. Then the rail line goes from Tara Devi and reaches Shoogi. Then comes the beautiful hills of jatogh after surpassing more steeper turns. Don't worry, the joy ride has just begun and is about to unfold more adventures your way till it reaches its final station, the glory of Himachal – Shimla. Then you see the invaram hills before your last station that is Shimla. A seven hours joyful journey is awaiting you, make memories in the amazing hills of Himachal indeed the best to be termed as the summer capital of Himachal.

Tourist Train Services :

Apart from these toy passenger trains, this route of toy train there is three other regular tourist train services that run on the Kalka Shimla track. The following below mentioned are the names and descriptions of the trains that run on the same path.

  • Shivalik Deluxe Express: This is a fantastic premium express train which has a great interior with relaxing music and upgraded toilets. It has a capacity of about 120 passengers. It is having a significant stop at Barog. This fantastic train departs Kalka at 5.45 a.m and arrives in Shimla at 10.35 a.m.
  • Himalayan Queen: The next best service of the route is this regular toy train, having 5-10 minutes stops at nine locations and therefore serves as one of the most suitable passengers for those who love exploring all the routes to Shimla.This train leaves Kalka at 12.10 p.m. and reports in Shimla at 5.30 p.m. 

Have the most pleasant and, at the same time, adventurous experience, in these trains running through the steep turns of the hills of Shimla. You can either book your tickets for the Shivalik Deluxe Express or the Himalayan Queen and experience the glorious beauties of the queen of a mountain along with your friends and family.