Touring North Indian Territory- Himachal Pradesh

March 07,2020

Residing in the arms of Himalayas, the state is a hub to many tourists. You will see the more of Tibetan essence in some parts of the state. The place has many scenic attractions and resorts that attract people all around to visit the state. Walking down the streets, you will also meet the number of Dalai Lama's, and Buddhist monasteries. And if you are an adventurous person, then you must visit the place, due to its fantastic trekking zone. You will also experience skiing and a climbing area here.

With the capital city Shimla, it has a British raj resembling buildings and streets. Moreover, you will also find many religious temples like Jakku temple and many other nearby hills. There is a tallest lord hanuman statue that is approximately one hundred eight feet tall that makes attraction for the visitors. So if you are planning a tour to the state, expect at least a week vacations. The reason is there is several places to visit in Himachal, and for those who love adventure, you have a complete package of scenic beauty and trekking and campaigning sites.

Paragliding Sites:

The place is also famous for its paragliding purpose. Stites of Bir Billing in Kangra district, host the paragliding activities. So all those who want to experience spine-thrilling sports can plan to visit the place. Despite of other sports, you will find the water sport activities like river rafting too in the area. Here is the list of places you will love to visit in Himachal.


Manali is one of the best places you can have in your to-do list. The site is surrounded by exotic high altitude mountains. The visitors are here to visit the mesmerizing scenic views, and most of them are the honeymoon couples that come to enjoy the view. Couples also love to visit and have a special time at the mall road in Manali. You will also experience a trekking site in the place.

Visitors will also experience a mountaineering activity in the mountain range of Pir Panjal. Rohtang pass Is the other common visitor place of the area. You will also experience a rich culture of the city with the heritage buildings and famous Hadimba temple of the site. The city, too, has a museum featuring Himachal culture and folk art of the area. Well, altogether, the place has so much to offer.


The other place in the list that Himachal keep in its heart is Shimla. is famous for snow, and the number of visitors increases in the summer season. The place is known for the handicraft and rich cultural shopping sites. The Lamar bar is famous in the area. It has unique wooden toys and crafts to offer to the visitors.

The city, too, has a number of Hindu shrines; one of them Is Kali Bari temple and the Jakhu Temple. You will also find the church in the city. Moreover, the visitors can enjoy the sunrise view in the Himalayan range of the city. British architecture is again a common view of the city streets and buildings. The other common sites of the place are the Scottish mansion and the British time library that follow the early ethics and British outlook. To give the comfort zone to the tourist, the site has many o grade resorts like Chadwick and Naldhera that make their vacations the best one.


The next in line is the city surrounded by cedar forests, known as Dharamshala. The place again has many visitors from all around. Walking down the streets, you will come across a number of Dalai Lamas. You will find more of the monks' culture in the city. The place too has a library that depicts the Tibetan culture and various related manuscripts. The lower range of Dharamshala had more of the Indian population, while the Tibetan population lives more in the McLeod Ganj area. Well, if you want to have an overview of the Tibetan culture and art, you must visit the McLeod Ganj area. You will find all of the folk dance and opera music there. Beyond all this, the visit is incomplete without the trekking trail of the region. So, altogether you will have a fantastic visit to the place.


Dalhousie is another hill station of Himachal region that is fun to visit. The area is surrounded by the Dhauladar range. You will again find the colonial type building in the area and is surrounded by the beautiful mountain peaks. The city is one of the famous tourist attraction of the region and also have many religious shrines too. The area is small and is famous for the lovely scenic picturesque.


Kullu is one of the small towns in the Kullu district of the northern state. The area is located near the river Beas and is ten kilometers away from the main airport of the Bhuntar. You will find the place interesting because of its apple orchards, and tourist does not miss the pine and deodar forest of the area. The area has authentic cuisine to offer to its people. It is a small and beautiful valley between the Himalayan region.


Kufri is again a beautiful hill station that is located a few kilometers away from the city of Shimla. Visitors love the region because of its beautiful scenic view and the Himalayan range. Visitors also enjoy the fantastic zoo featuring different birds and felines of the area.


Khajjiar Is again a beautiful hill station to visit. The place is mostly visited in the summer season. However, the area has the religious shrines and lovely view around. You will also experience comfortable resorts and hotels in the area. The cuisine is, of course, the Himachai one. The lovely wildlife century with deer and bears around. Well, the. Not just pack your bag for one or two days, make a complete ten days tour to visit the beautiful northern state of India. You will experience altogether with a mesmerizing view and a completely different culture.