Ravishing Paths Of Rohtang Pass

February 11,2020

Go where your heart lies, the mountains are calling you for an adventure ride to this marvelous place Rohtang Pass which is the highest mountain passes in the world. It connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh. It is a spell-binding journey that unfolds with it all the essence of nature. All the people having wanderlust wishes to cross through this magic of life with excitement. The incredible route dwells at a distance of 51 km from Manali. It is very rightly said that the most immeasurable view comes after the hardest climb. Rohtang pass is one of the places which is being called the highest peak passes in the world, indeed a beautiful place combining the Kullu valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh.

The Weather and Landscape Of Rohtang Pass:

Well, if we talk about the weather, the mountains are always frizzy with that snow-covered mountain. It will be such a surreal and whimsical view, with the landscape of glaciers, with enchanting snow peaks uprising above clouds. You will be Spellbound by the picturesque views of lakes like Dassaur lake, Beas Kund that is the origin of River Beas. And not to forget the famous twin peaks of Geypan. In the oh, so freezing weather this heavenly pass has a lot to offer you.

Charming Landscape Of Rohtang Pass:

There are some fantastic and bizarre peculiarities of Rohtang pass apart from its flirtatious weather, with a flash of warm sunshine falling on the snow-covered lanes. This spectacular natural delight has enchanting icebergs, having bottleneck roads, with coasting rivers, surrounded by glittering mountain ranges giving 360-degree panoramic views. So without any further thoughts, plan a trip to this fantastic magical place that is full of adventures at every step.

Rohtang Snow Point And Tunnel :

One of the most prolific attractions of the Rohtang pass is the historic Rohtang tunnel and its fantastic Snow point. When we talk about Rohtang pass these two places stucks in our mind first. The Indian government built this massive tunnel for accessing it throughout the year. It is an 8.5km tunnel built in the year 2010, which reduces your travel time of Rohtang pass to five hours.

Next up is the place, everybody, eyes on when they reach Rohtang that is the Snow Point. So this fantastic place is a vast stretch of snow lane surrounded by local vendors setting up their tea and maggie stalls on the way. The snow point doesn't remain the same throughout the season; it keeps changing location as the season changes. A perfect place of the valley to eat, play, have fun yark rides, for strolling and clicking memorable pictures of the site.

What Time is best to explore Rohtang Pass:

Hike more worry less and enjoy this majestic mountain, gorgeous turning roads, white snow mountains, mountain maggies, and tea in the cold freezing weather of the Rohtang Pass. Rohtang Pass is not open all year around it stays closed during the months of November to May and begins its entry to visitants during the month of May to October only. Enjoy the thrills that you have been missing in your life at this time. Not only a perfect place for honeymoon couples but indeed bliss for all the adventure lovers. This is the reason this very famous place attracts around 2 lakh visitors every year.

Places To Visit In Rohtang Pass:

When In Rohtang never miss out on these beautifull places of the valley.

  • Manali's Solang Valley
  • Picturesque Rahala Waterfall
  • Splendid convergence of the Bhaga and Chandra rivers
  • Natures paradise, Spiti and Lahaul Valley

Adventure Sports At Rohtang Pass:

How can you not do adventure spots when in Rohtang pass? So get ready for an adventure with the exiting Skiing and Trekking experience of the place. Rohtang is very well known for its spectacular adventure sports. Out of all the adventure sports that stucks the tourist of the site is the skiing experience on snow-covered lanes.